May 21st (Thu) Notification of maintenance completion and events


Thank you for always playing "Moomin Friends".
This is "Moomin Friends" management team.

The following contents have been updated after the maintenance today.
Please update to Ver 1.8.0 at each OS store.

【Update 1】New characters added!

The following new characters have been added to the character gacha!

▼ Additional character details
・ Snork (SILVER)

Skill: Slow down the blinking block
At the start of the game, the speed of the blinking block will be down with a certain probability.

・ Stinky (GOLD)
Skill 1: Automatic block removal
During gameplay, one pair of blocks will be erased automatically every 20 seconds with a certain probability.

Skill 2: Bonus points
When the stage is cleared, additional 3 points will be provided with a certain probability

If you already own a character and newly acquire the same character in a gacha or event, the character will automatically be combined and gain 1 level up.

【Update 2】Unlimited heart sale for 60 mins

After the maintenance, “unlimited hearts” will be available for 60 minutes for a limited time at the SHOP.

Sale period: May 21st (Thu) after the maintenance - May 28th (Thu) 9:59 - JST
Required number of rubies: 40

Item Description: It will be effective after the purchase right away. The heart will not be consumed for 60 minutes. While using unlimited hearts, you can collect hearts even if you purchase hearts with the rewards and rubies for the first stage clear.

【Bug fix】Hat block bug has been fixed
Unable to clear the stage when erasing the hat block → Fixed

◆ Notes
* After maintenance, the connection to the game may not be stable, so in that case wait a while and then try connecting again.

Thank you for your continued support of "Moomin Friends".