July 30th (Thu) Maintenance completion and update notification


Thank you for always playing "Moomin Friends".
This is "Moomin Friends" management team.

The following contents have been updated after the maintenance today.

【Update 1】Appearance probability UP! "ALPHABET COLLECTION" event !

The event call "ALPHABET COLLECTION" will be added with following schedule after the maintenance.

Date and time: July 30th (Thu) after the maintenance - August 13th (Thu) 9:59 - JST

·How to play

1) During gameplay, a block with the alphabet written on it (the blue frame) will appear with certain probability.
2) Erase the alphabet blocks complete the specified word.
3) You can receive rewards depending on the number of times you complete the specified word.

・ Clear reward
1st time (target word " ENJOY"): 5 hearts
2nd time (target word " SEAWATER"): 20 rubies
3rd time (target word " BATHING"): 1 Premium Gacha Ticket

* Alphabet blocks do not appear in boss battles.
* Alphabet may appear even on the cleared stage.
* Although the alphabet may appear even if you play the same stage again after clearing the stage where the alphabet appears but, the probability of appearance of alphabet will decrease.

【Update 2】20% extra Ruby event !

We are planning to have a great event which you can get 20% extra Ruby by purchasing it in the following period.

Sale period: August 1st (Sat) 12:00 - August 7th (Fri) 12:00 – JST

【Update 3】 Unlimited heart sale for 60 mins

After the maintenance, “unlimited hearts” will be available for 60 minutes for a limited time at the SHOP.

Sale period: August 1st (Sat)12:00 - August 7th (Fri) 12:00 - JST
Required number of rubies: 40
Item Description: It will be effective after the purchase right away. The heart will not be consumed for 60 minutes. While using unlimited hearts, you can collect hearts even if you purchase hearts with the rewards and rubies for the first stage clear.

【Update 4】New worlds added (stage 661 ~ 690)

New worlds will be added after the maintenance.

◆ Notes
* After the maintenance, connection to the game may not be stable, so in that case wait a while and then try connecting again.

Thank you for your continued support of "Moomin Friends".