August 13th (Thu) Maintenance completion and update notification


Thank you for always playing "Moomin Friends".
This is "Moomin Friends" management team.

The following contents have been updated after the maintenance today.

【Update 1】 Tough level !? Limited PRESENT BOX EVENT!

“High difficulty limited event world” will be released as following schedule.

August 13th (Thu) after the maintenance – August 27th (Thu) 9:00 - JST

In this world, you can get various rewards depending on the stage. If you clear all stages until end of the event, you can get a premium gacha tickets and rubies.

The limited rewards and terms are following
Premium gacha tickets: August 13th (Thu) 15: 00 - August 16th (Sun)19:00 - JST
50 Rubies: August 16th (Sun) 20:00 - August 20th (Thu) 9:00 – JST
Premium gacha tickets: August 20th (Thu) 10:00 - August 23rd (Sun) 14:00 - JST
50 Rubies: August 23rd (Sun) 15:00 – August 27th (Thu) 9:00 – JST

【Update 2】Limited additional Roulette event!

We will have additional roulette events in the following periods.
Period: August 13th (Thu) after the maintenance - August 27th (Thu) - JST
Time: 17:00 to 19:00 during the above period

【Update 3】Consecutive log in event !

Consecutive login event starts from August 20th (Thu)!

August 20th (Thu) – August 27th (Thu) 23:59 - JST
You can get various luxury rewards by logging in for 7 consecutive days!
Day 1: 1 heart
Day 2: 1 Auto hint
Day 3: 1 easy mode
Day 4: Normal Gacha Ticket
Day 5: 1 additional 3 seconds
Day 6: 10 rubies
Day 7: Premium Gacha Ticket

【Bug fixes】
・Changed the category of the dressing table of the object from wall to floor
・Fixed the problem that only one block remained in some environments and could not be cleared at the end.

◆ Notes
* After the maintenance, connection to the game may not be stable, so in that case wait a while and then try connecting again.

Thank you for your continued support of "Moomin Friends".